The First Barbecue House in Brazil brings the authentic and traditional Barbecue from the United States. More than a sauce, Barbecue is a method. More than a method, it is a centuries-old tradition. The meats are prepared slowly, at low temperatures over the indirect heat of firewood and not charcoal. The result? Juicy, tender and slightly woody meats. The Ribs coming off the bone, the tasty NY Strip, the mega juicy hamburger. Our sauces are homemade, exclusive, house secrets, prepared with selected spices and presented in 3 versions: Espresso, BOS and Honey. We only use fresh ingredients and operate without freezers. Our salads are crispy and our fries are rustic, cut daily. Barbecue is a time of celebration, to gather friends and family around a unique gastronomic experience. This is the moment we want to share with you at BOS BBQ. bos bbq barbecue is a popular dish that is made from meats, vegetables, and sauce. It can be served as a main course or as an appetizer. The best way to enjoy barbecue is to cook it according to the recipe you find online or in a cookbook. Barbecue is a popular dish that is made from pork, chicken, or beef. The meat is cooked over a high heat in an oven or grill, then served with sides such as beans, rice, and potatoes. There are many different variations of barbecue that can be made, including pulled pork, brisket, ribs, and even smoked sausage.

Why Hiring a Wedding Planner Eases Stress

jewelry of choice wedding planner

Professional Guidance Makes Marriage Celebrations More Joyful Few life milestones feel more momentous than committing to your beloved via ceremonies shared with family and friends. Matrimonial celebrations mark sacred unions. This magnifies the pressure around perfectly orchestrating weddings. But attempting […]