Dance of the Dead – Movie Review



Dance of the Dead begins with a post apocalyptic scene of the world where people trying to survive per day at a time. Most of the zombie’s movies are all about gore, violence, swarming people, infecting virus, puzzled doctors and scientists and people who survive. However, this movie is a sharp turn to the zombie approach. The film consists of a naïve teenage girl grouped with a group of wild, drug addicted teenager with some taste in heavy music and the over protective mother. Blend in a nightclub which provides all kinds of indulgences. It may sound like you know the scene until you add the main element missing: the zombies that are screwed to dance on the stage for entertainment.

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While many zombie movies begin in graveyards, this one notoriously takes off from a scene where a gravedigger who apparently likes to chew tobacco sees a gravestone. He notices that flower pots keep falling over. He gives in to investigate only to discover a hand pushed from the ground and strangle him. He fights back using garden shears and successfully hacks the hand off of him. Then he tosses into his wheelbarrow along with other twitching body pieces. The scene is epic.

Then the story moves on to Cosa High School. Everyone is getting ready for the prom night party. Like the usual teen movies, jocks prove they are douches; the nerdy geeks are ignored while the cheerleaders throw awesome moves. Jimmy admires the beautiful Lindsey but gets ditched as he always jokes around. She ditches him for the golden boy Mitch. Steve is a video camera obsessed guy and likes Gwen but she likes Nash, the high school rock star.

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While the party goes on the zombies invade the small town. The kids together with the psychotic coach join for an attack force in a cool hummer with a garage filled with weapons and rock soundtrack to save the high school prom dance party.


It is a movie where nerds and freaks are the only ones who can save the party from the zombie apocalypse with full of hot cheerleaders. It is a small budget undead film. However, the FX is credible with just enough production values. There are lots of zombie action scenes and are great, too. The scenes are less digital and more makeup effects.

Good things:

The movie cracks you up. The best thing about the movie is that it satisfies you in a weird way. Zombies literally burst out from the graves, teachers get the deserved recognition and geeks and freaks save the town from the zombie invasion.

Realistic part:

This zombie movie is well put together. The direction, script, as well as acting, were executed very well by a bunch of unfamiliar actors. It has gore, humour, storyline and better character build ups. You will care the movie characters. The dialogues are funny and interesting enough to keep you engaged the whole time.

Cinematography-wise Dance of the Dead is quite good and will engage you.

Music-wise, Nash’s band has an awesome punk rendition. The high school movies are all about pop punk genre.

This movie is a low budget movie and not a serious one. You don’t have to scratch your head and make an assignment for later on the discussion. Take your friends with you and you will have a good time.

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The movie is a thoroughly enjoyable horror movie. There is plenty of humour as well as romance. Both genders will equally enjoy the film.

Don’t waste your time if you are looking for a suspense thriller.

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