Hairstyles for Men with Two Strand Twists

2 Strand Twist

Are you still Tired of your same old hairstyle? Can you put your hair up for an extended period, and perhaps even go with a hairstyle that is a bit disheveled or less sleek? If you would like to answer these questions as a resounding yes, you should give a try to applying two strand twists onto your head.

What? Yes, that’s a hairstyle that is popular right now. With long or short hair, people are now trying to capture the trendy two-strand twist hairstyle, which looks great on the red carpet and at the office. I’m not worried, it will be as smooth in your office as well.

Let’s take a look at the two men’s two strand twists hairstyles for men.

Twist hairstyle: What is it?

This hairstyle is a protective hairstyle, as it locks in moisture and helps your hair grow out easily.   The hair ends up creating a two-strand twist from dividing the hair into sections, twisting each section individually, then twisting the two sections together to create the two-strand twist. Men and women can both get this cool look and be equally cool and persuasive.

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Now that you’ve seen what a two strand twist hairstyle is, let’s move on to some of the trendy hairstyle variations that reignited in 2022.

Men’s Hairstyle Guide: 2 Strand Twist:

This hairstyle guide for men includes two strand twists.

Two-strand dreadlocks with highlights

Would you like a twist hairstyle that’s uber cool? This might be the one for you. His highlighted dreadlocks have been twisted into a two-stranded twist. The twists, dreadlocks, and color of your hair must be taken care of when you choose this hairstyle. Are you prepared for that?

Twisted ponytail with bangs in two strands

Alternatively, you can opt for a ponytail and bangs if you prefer to leave the two strand twists for men hanging loose. Ponytails should remain loose with a few twists on the front. With this beautiful hairstyle, it’s clear that he is rocking an attitude. The hair accessory can also be cowrie shells if you desire.

Two-stranded faded twist hairstyle for men

What if you looked classy and sexy at the same time? Look no further than this faded twist hairstyle! Hairstylists recommend giving your hair a fade from the sides and twisting the remaining hair. This twist hairstyle is attractive because there are not too many twists too close together.

Twisted ponytail with two strands

Taper two strands of your hair in a ponytail and tie it at the back tightly. Add a black elastic band to finish this two-strand twist style. In the event that you plan to wear this hairstyle for a business meeting, it would be ideal.

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Short hair with two strands twisted

Two strand twists can be worn even with short hair, as this boy has shown. Short hair with two strand twist is ideal for men who love sports. Why is that? They will stay cool with their shorter lengths and cool style.

Hairstyle with a triangle twist

Want something more interesting than two strands twisted together? This simple yet classy two-strand twist hairstyle for men is the triangle twist. This hairstyle can be achieved by having your barber cut your locks in a triangle shape.

Hairstyles for Afros with Two Strand Twists

What kind of hair do you have? If so, this is the twist hairstyle you should try! Many of us believe that people with afro hair shouldn’t twist their hair since it is textured and curly. Let me show you why you are wrong. This two strand twist hairstyle is enhanced by textured hair. 

Hairstyles for Black Men with Twists

Fashion for black men looks best with the two strand twist hairstyle. They look great with twist-style hair, especially with the nicely built body and rough attitude. In this illustration, the black guy kept the twist ends loose and kept the width thin. Don’t miss out on a woman’s attention by wearing this look!

 Using two braids with two strands twisted together

Have you ever had unmanageable long and coarse hair? Then this hairstyle with two strands is for you. Protect your hair and look handsome with thick double strand twist braids. This will take some time, however. But why? This look will take more than one hairstylist’s time to accomplish (but its worth it).

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Hairstyle: Heavy Two Strand Twist Bun

Are you ready to get your braids now? A heavy bun would also be nice. Your hairstylist can create an elegant heavy bun with two strands of twisted hair on top of your crown. Make sure you fade your sides so that your strands are clear from the front.

Hairstyle: Half bun with two strands twisted

Would you prefer a half bun hairstyle instead of braids or a heavy bun? Wasn’t that what you wanted? The two-strand twists are the first step to this hairstyle. After this, a bun is created by tying the strands of the upper half. It’s that simple! Congratulations! Your two-strand twist half bun is now ready to rock.

Hairstyle with two strands and hair accessories

Are you up for something a bit different and a little funky? Give this a try. HIn this example, the man used beads to finish each strand.strand.strand. He chose transparent beads. Coloured ones are also available, as well as different types of hair accessories.

Twisted Braid 2 Strands for Men 

This hairstyle is also a two-strand twist. This hairstyle is suitable for medium-length hair. Simply twist the two strands in a messy way and you’re done. It isn’t always necessary to be precise with your hairstyle.

Long hair with a thick two-strand twist

Do you also find this two-strand twist for men to be appealing? You should go for this one only if you have long hair and want the hottest hairstyle. These thick two strand twists are my personal recommendation. Besides office meetings, this hairstyle is appropriate for attending weddings as well.

Men’s 2 Strand Twist in 2022:

Check out these 15 cool and unique twists for guys in 2022. It’s boring to keep things simple and boring once you have chosen the twist hairstyle. Men can choose either dreadlocks or Afro two strand twists; it’s all up to you! 

In your opinion, which is the best strand twist hairstyle for men out of these two? Get featured on our Instagram by using them and tagging us.